Tuesday, July 25, 2017


The aromatic dry rub recipe used for the Oriental Group of Restaurants’ house speciality of Macau-style Roast Suckling Pig is such a closely guarded secret that only Group Executive Chef Justin Hor and the roast master chef know the actual ingredients. According to Emily Chiam who heads the marketing division, the prized concoction has industry competitors trying valiantly to replicate it but to no avail.
My guess is it’s a cohesive combination of Asian spices with Continental herbs but instead of dwelling on this trade secret, I rather focus on the deliciousness of the Roast Suckling Pig. With a week to go, do make haste to Oriental Pavilion in PJ and savour the delectable speciality before the piggy promotion ends on 31 July.
Available at the promo price of RM238++ each (regular price RM350++), the Roast Suckling Pig can be enjoyed in three distinct preparations: finest Macau style, BBQ with foie gras sauce or BBQ with glutinous rice.
When it comes to the fine art of roasting, Chinese chefs win hands down. It doesn’t take a genius to realise just how tricky it is to achieve that unbelievably even and lacquer-like sheen of a whole suckling pig. Comparable to an edible work of art, the crisp, crackling skin is such a joy to behold and an even greater gastronomic delight to ingest.
Tucked underneath the crispy skin is a beguiling layer of well-seasoned, juicy meat; each delicious piece can be enjoyed on its own or wrapped up in a fresh cos lettuce leaf and cherry tomato. Chilled glasses of fresh citrus juice are served to cleanse the palate afterwards.
The BBQ Suckling Pig with Glutinous Rice is more substantial as it comes with a layer of flavourful glutinous rice underneath. Taste-wise, this speciality is subtler on the palate but proffers more textural contrasts. Again the slices of crispy suckling pig can be eaten with the classic accompaniments of spring onion florets and sweet bean sauce or the newer combo of fresh lettuce and cherry tomato.
Also hogging the limelight this July is Charcoal Grilled Iberico Pork Ribs Spanish Style. Available at the promo price of RM138++ per rack (regular price RM198++), the hefty slab of Iberico ribs proves on-point and ticks all the right boxes in terms of flavour and texture.
Gnawing on the bone to tear off strips of that tender meat, our tastebuds grasped the full extent of the Spanish-influenced marinade – a splendid amalgamation of delicately sweet, warm spice and fresh, grassy herb nuances reminiscent of sunny Espana. You’d pick the bones clean off this signature dish for sure.

For reservations, call Oriental Pavilion restaurant, tel: 03-7956 9288. More information can be found at www.orientalrestaurants.com.my

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