Monday, October 22, 2018


Showstopping salads take the limelight at the Just Pho You - A Taste of Vietnam at Latest Recipe. Available as part of the nightly buffet dinner until 24 October, guest chefs Le Manh Hung and Nguyen Nam Nguyen of Sheraton Hanoi will prepare their native specialities for three rotational menus.
All three creations: Lotus & Shrimp Salad with Fresh Herbs, Shredded Green Mango & Seafood Salad with Spearmint, and Shredded Chicken with Onion, Beansprouts, Laksa Leaves & Roasted Peanuts look so basic yet the artful melding of textures and flavours is distinct enough to set each one apart.
The chefs also rock the quentissential Fresh Nem Cuon Spring Rolls with Poached Shrimps. Stuffed with shrimps, julienne omelette, carrot, cucumber, rice noodles and fresh herbs, the yummy rice paper rolls are worth repeat helpings. 
Also highly recommended is Grilled Ground Shrimp on Sugar Cane Skewers. Shaped like mini drumettes, the QQ springiness of the shrimp paste speckled with dill and red chilli makes for delightful bites.
Slightly smoky to taste, we highly recommend the hot appetiser of Grilled Beef in La Lot (wild pepper leaves). A popular street food snack, these cigarillo-shape rolls with delectable beef filling are superbly addictive. 
No Vietnamese promotion can omit the staple Pho Bo — Vietnamese Beef Noodles. Served at the interactive cooking station, the chef on duty will gladly rustle up a bowl or two on request. Prepared using beef bones, ginger, cinnamon, star anise, coriander, shallot, onion, fish sauce and sugar, the broth forms a sublime base for flat rice noodles and beef slices.
In addition to Hanoi Fried Rice and Stir-fried Noodles (both pass muster), notable dishes to try include deliciously tender Fried Lime Leaves Crusted Chicken Thighs and Galangal Braised Fish Fillet in Light Caramelised Fish Sauce. 
Dessert options are the ‘back to basics’ variety. The Ginger and Caramel Flavour Sticky Rice Cake is a lighter version of local kuih wajik while the Chilled Longan & Lotus Seeds in Pandan-infused Syrup and Sticky Dumplings with Red Bean Filling in Syrup are reminiscent of the customary treats served at most Chinese banquets.
Available for lunch and dinner until 24 October, the Just Pho You – A Taste of Vietnam buffet is priced at RM143 nett per adult and RM71.50 nett per child.
For reservations, call Latest Recipe, tel: 03-2263 7434 or visit

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