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From 7 January to 28 February 2019, Chinese Sous Chef Alex Chin and the team at Four Points by Sheraton Puchong will work tirelessly to cook up great feasts to usher in the Chinese New Year for young and old alike.
Served at The Eatery and the Four Points function rooms and also available for takeaways, Eight Treasure Yee Sang featuring smoked salmon, jellyfish, scallop flesh, baby octopus, marinated clams, snow pear, fuji apple and persimmon, crispy fish skin, shredded vegetables, crispy crackers, pickles and fruity house dressing. 
During the preview, we had samplings of specialities culled from the three festive set menus composed to appeal to families for the celebration: Spring & Happiness Set (RM1,588+), Everlasting Prosperity Set (RM1,788+) and Wealth & Fortune Set (RM2,088+).
A good example is the soulful brew of Herbal Chicken Broth with Sun-dried Scallop in Whole Coconut. Amidst the pool of warm, sweet nectar I found a thick hunk of sea cucumber, slivers of conpoy, red goji berries and a meaty black chicken wing.
Admittedly, Baked Asparagus & Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Rolls in Tangy Torch Ginger infused Plum Sauce sounded ho-hum but the various components melded together agreeably. Hence it was a definitive crowd-pleaser.
Bright, citrusy accent mixed with a dash of piquant chilli heat ensured the Tiger Prawns with Vietnamese inspired Tangerine-Lemongrass Sauce disappeared in double quick time, leaving behind much happiness. Most appropriate since har har siew is a Chinese homonym prawns as often associated with during Chinese New Year.
Symbolic food is treasured during the festive celebration especially fish or yue in Chinese which denotes abundance and excess. While most restaurants traditionally prefer to serve whole fishes, modern chefs are opting for convenience and newer dining trends resulting in creations such as Pearl Grouper Fillets with Spicy Chilli Paste, Celery & Lily Bulbs in Basket. It was a nice change to savour succulent fish fillet without the messy business of dealing with bones.
The proverbial dish to guarantee prosperity is included as well. Young and old should enjoy partaking the delectable bundle of Sun-dried Oysters, Mexican Clams, Pacific Clams, Bamboo Piths & Shiitake Mushroom Wrapped in Beancurd Skin drizzled with Black Moss Sauce as the savoury platter ticked all the right boxes from the get-go in terms of flavour, texture and colour.
Hearty eaters who have leftover tummy space unfulfilled may allow Smoked Chicken & Dried Shrimp Fried Rice in Pumpkin to plug the gap. This familiar comfort food has been dialled up by the chefs to royal banquet level; a surprisingly nice combination of sweet-savouriness to please the palate.
Dessert options to chill over include a dual platter of Crispy Deep-fried Coconut Coated Chinese Glutinous Rice Cake (Nian Gao)-Mango Balls and Chilled Aloe Vera, Crystal Pear, Dried Longan & Red Dates in Rock Sugar Syrup. Nothing fanciful but evergreen favourites most celebrants will take to as a sweet conclusion to their family festive feasting. 

Chinese New Year Highlights

4 February
Reunion Dinner at The Eatery
RM148 nett per person

7 Jan-28 Feb
Fortune Buffet Dinner
RM128 nett per person

5 February
Hi-Tea Buffet
RM118 nett per person

For more information and reservations, please call Four Points by Sheraton Puchong, tel 03-5891 8855 or email:

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