Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Lots of tea-licious and sizzling hot specialities will ignite diners’ interest at Zuan Yuan, One World Hotel come July 2019.
Taking a leaf out of the trad Hakka dish of lui cha or thunder tea rice, One World Hotel’s Executive Chinese Chef Tommy Choong Chan Hoo was inspired to create his Stir Fried Rice with Green Tea & Assorted Seafood Hakka Style (RM38) — one of the several ‘tea-licious’ temptations available throughout July at Zuan Yuan.
The show-stopping speciality stands out for its fresh herbaceous accent, thanks to the chef’s ingenuity in imbuing the rice with his house-made pesto of basil, pine nuts and tea. Those who partial to Hakka lui cha will enjoy relishing this dish as the resultant nuances echo that of the traditional offering. The clear sweetness of scallops and prawns also boost its overall appeal.
Having cut his culinary teeth with the Regent Kuala Lumpur (now rebranded Grand Millennium KL), Chef Tommy’s two decade-long career path has taken him to some of the city’s international five-star  hotels.
In line with his philosophy of whipping up simple dishes with skilful subtlety and showcasing the ingredients’ natural flavours and textures, the chef proves his culinary mettle by using chrysanthemum — a ubiquitous ingredient to brew cooling Chinese herbal tea — in a savoury broth.
Hints of floral overtones are discernible in the Double Boiled Abalone & Fish Maw Soup with Chrysanthemum (RM48); giving an unexpectedly winsome dimension to the comforting broth.
Toasty oolong tea leaves left a rave-worthy impression on the crowd-pleasing serving of Smoked Village Chicken with Oolong (RM60 half chicken). The scrumptiously juicy, tender chicken tastes even better with the zingy house ginger-spring onion dip.
Light and Crispy Prawns Stuffed with Yam & Pumpkin served with Green Tea Dressing (RM65 per portion) also hit the spot well. Think of it as a refined version of local cucur udang or prawn fritters, each flaunting a sizeable crustacean within the battered nest of yam and pumpkin julienne enlivened by a creamy green tea infused sauce.
Imported lava stones from Turkey play a fundamental role in the array of sizzling specialities, also available in July. Recommendations include superbly delectable U.S. Angus Beef Steak (RM68/100g, minimum order of 200g) and Australian Premium Lamb Cutlets (RM48/100g, minimum order of 200g), cooked to order on the hot lava stones to your desired doneness. Accompaniments of assorted vegetables, mushroom and a choice of Black Pepper, Mongolian or Barbecue Sauce.
For reservation, please call Zuan Yuan restaurant, tel: 03-7681 1159 or email zuanyuan@oneworldhotel.com.my

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