Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Delicious Discoveries

OK I know I've been slacking lately when it comes to my food blog...too much travelling within the first quarter of 2010 has barely left me enough room to breathe!

That doesn't mean I haven't been on food binges though ;-D Just didn't have time to upload pixs and share those delish stuff that I had! So here's a quick peek on the glorious temptations that caught my fancy.

Penang Curry Mee from a local coffee shop (sorry, I forgot the name!) behind The Royale Hotel Penang

Don't knock the broth's pale colour - the spoonful of 'sambal' that comes with each bowl will transform the scrumptious curry into a fiery orange hue!

Taste-wise it's very piquant with a nice creamy undertone that only coconut milk can bestow. Personally I'd prefer it to be spicier but the whole ensemble is a real steal at only RM2.50 (small bowl). If you want the works like I did, it's RM4.50.

Also we returned to Nyonya Cafe @ New World Park to relish its delicious Nyonya food again. This is our 3rd visit and we were glad to see the outlet is no longer tucked away in a discreet corner. Now it occupies a huge corner lot that used to house Manhattan Fish Market. Still as busy and more importantly, the food is still as good!

The Chap Chye here even passed my mom's acid test so that's saying something!

Don't miss the Sambal's mildly sweet, spicy and totally drool-worthy!

See the gigantic Choon Piah (Spring Roll)? It's chockful of sliced mushroom, minced pork, shredded mung bean (sengkuang) and carrot among others ... quite unlike those little insipid ones you'd find at most hotel buffets and even pasar malam stalls. Needless to say, it tasted super yummy!

The Asam Pedas Fish is guaranteed to tempt you eating more white rice than you should. The seabass was incredibly fresh and sweet; the gravy tantalisingly tangy and spicy with the aroma of fragrant herbs coming through nicely.

Another dish that I recalled having from my childhood was Assam Prawns where the succulent crustaceans are marinated in tamarind paste with a little sugar. When they're pan-fried, the marinade will caramelised and turn the prawns into an alluring shade of dark polished brown. Believe me, they are sumptuous and finger-licking good!

So if you're ever in Penang, make Nyonya Cafe your compulsory stopover.

Nyonya Café
New World Park
Burma Road
Georgetown, Penang
Tel: (04) 228 8919

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