Monday, December 20, 2010

Charming Chinoz

Sleek...the new Chinoz in Bangsar

Chinoz - one of Kuala Lumpur’s earliest modern cuisine restaurants is back in Bangsar. Having started out as a modest bistro-style outlet in Bangsar Baru in 1993, Chinoz hit the big time when it opened at a prime spot within Suria KLCC.

For a while, the trendy eatery made The Gardens mall its second home. Now it has returned 'home' to roost at the posh Bangsar Shopping Centre. With spacious patio seating and a full bar, Chinoz's new, streamlined premises also includes what owner Teng Wee Jeh proudly calls a ‘raw bar’ that dishes up raw, ultra-fresh but uncooked delicacies. Naturally, there's an extensive wine cellar filled with choice tipples handpicked by the man himself.

Assorted Sashimi from Chinoz's Raw Bar

True to its non-conformist style, Chinoz continues to proffer cross-cultural offerings; drawing inspirations from the Italians, Japanese, Mediterranean, etc. Two young chefs who have honed their skills in London and Dubai are in charge of serving up a tantalising assortment of specialities that range from Southern Italian-style crudos and Japanese-style sashimi to South American ceviche for you to savour.

Inventive crudo offerings

Naturally, Chinoz's famed wood-fired pizzas, pastas and simple but well-cooked specialities are all there. The Spaghetti with Prawns and Pea Shoots lightly tossed in olive oil and a light sprinkling of chilli flakes are perfectly al dente and flavourful without being cloying.

Pasta perfect...Spaghetti with Prawns & Pea Shoots

Jumbo Asparagus with Poached Egg sounds like a no-brainer but trust me, when such tender, crunchy spears are paired with silky egg white and rich, runny yolk, the result is nothing short of a sublime gustatory experience.

Jumbo Asparagus with Poached Egg

Occasionally, the kitchen team surprises with some ingenious dishes such as the addictive Prawn Pop Corn which we had on our recent visit. A delightful creation that’s inspired by the world-renown Nobu restaurant, the plump, bite-size morsels of shelled prawns in crisp, light-as-air tempura batter are served with a flavourful mayo dip.

Crispy Morsels of Prawn Pop Corn

Kudos to Teng and his Chinoz team for their consistent standards and uncompromising food quality. I have yet to be disappointed with a bad meal here...and hopefully it'd stay that way.


G108 Ground Floor

Bangsar Shopping Centre

Kuala Lumpur

Tel:03-2284 3390

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