Thursday, May 05, 2011


It wasn't meant to be a food tour but old habits die we gotta eat right? Anyway here's a snapshot of what we got up to down south recently over the long Labour Day weekend.

Ah, the sign that says it all! Yes, Mother Earth is worth saving; otherwise where else are we gonna find chocolate in the Milky Way pray tell? ;D

We stumbled on this row of Candylicious shops just outside Universal Studios - a sweet spot to get your sugar fix. There's a dedicated Hershey's & Reese's outlet and another devoted to all sorts of candies...

Smile folks! It's Candyland on camera!

Big chief here doesn't look too thrilled to find his head in such a sticky sweet situation...

Loui's Pizzeria inside Universal Studio serves the thinnest, crispiest pizzas...
we love that porky pepperoni by the way!
The other two's Hawaiian (again REAL ham mind you!) and Tandoori Chicken.

Pretty tea-infused macarons all in a row from TWG

We also trawled The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands to check out what was all the hype about. This retail mecca is where anyone wishing to strike it big can access the casino or empty their pockets and max out their credit cards at the countless shops.

There's a huge ice-skating rink, a mock river where one can take the kids for a sampan ride or pig out at the eateries here. Yours truly of course succumbed to TWG's irresistible tea-infused macarons.

For lunch, we retreated to Todai for a stupendous spread of fresh seafood and international buffet! (Sorry folks, my gluttony got the better of me so there weren't any pixs of the amazing feast... which included giant spider crabs and crayfish!)

The Toy Museum is not exactly a destination by choice but we had to go as a consolation for our girl when we discovered all the Universal Studios entrance tixs were completely sold out! Being the crazy foodie that I was, I had to take some shots of these classic wind-up chef toys.

It was by sheer chance that we stumbled upon Takashimaya's Hokkaido Fair. We had an enjoyable time tasting the different Japanese delicacies available - from hand-made ramen to the freshest seafood.
Japanese glutinous rice with vegetable and hijiki seaweed. There's even one variant with sakura (cherry blossoms)!
Interesting appetiser of cuttlefish and flying fish roe flavoured with red pepper

Grilled & salted cod fish roe

Crabs, crabs and more crabs!


Chasing Food Dreams said...

my goodness, someone pls hand me those crabs!! any crab will do.. ;)

Anonymous said...

The choke meat doesnt look succulent - any solutions.

Alice JomMakanLife said...

hmmm...what's exactly choke meat?

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