Tuesday, January 31, 2012


From the land that created instant noodles, it's hardly surprising that the Japanese gets into quite a tangle when it comes to noodles. Frankly, we were bowled over by the wide variations of ramen, soba and udon from Osaka to Tokyo on our recent trip there.

Feast your eyes on these delectable offerings that came with all sorts of different toppings - from pickled, piquant vege to springy chikuwa rolls (tubular-shaped squid-flavoured fish paste). Even the soup base veers from crystalline clear to flavourfully 'misty'.

Sumptuous and silky...ramen in a deliciously sweet broth of pork bones and topped with braised belly pork chunks, pickled veges and bamboo shoot, chopped spring onion, strips of wood ear fungus and sliced char shu.
Clear favourite - ramen with consomme-type soup base with chopped spring onion, kelp and slices of cha shu
Fancy a chikuwa roll with your Udon? Just add chopped seaweed and spring onion to perk things up further
Classic makes the cut...Soba adorned with strips of dried nori served cold with shoyu dipping sauce
Kyushu Ichi-ban...possibly Kyushu's no.1 choice! Superbly springy ramen with hard-boiled egg (love the runny yolk!), lotsa spring onion, seaweed, sliced cha shu and strips of wood ear fungus.
The Osaka version - simpler but equally hearty with big, porky flavour
A rice ball (onigiri) to go with our simple lunch of ramen dotted with tempura bits and spring onion


Chasing Food Dreams said...

gosh.. so many kinds of ramen.... and all looked so yum!! I m a big fan of 'misty' ramens...

Lucky you!! :0)

Alice JomMakanLife said...

@food dreams - didn't really like most of the ramen I had here in Msia. possibly becos in Japan it's all abt the porky broth that serves as the base.

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