Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Time to be a do-gooder folks! 
Hospis Malaysia is having a Charity Bazaar to raise funds, to fund its charitable efforts that offer professional palliative care to patients who are suffering from life-limiting illnesses such as cancer, AIDS, muscular dystrophy, motor neurone disease, organ failure etc.
The poster says it all...so show up and lend your support for every ringgit means a lot and helps to sustain its noble existence.
Many see life as a great challenge, but death is another big challenge by itself. Oblivious to many, terminally ill patients are suffering a great deal emotionally and physically. The pain of battling with worsening health condition and hovering death can never, be understood by us healthy ones and we are only doing what we can to help them out in their last leg of journey on earth.
It is an endless advocacy, but not a thankless one. In order for this non-profit organization to survive, Hospis Malaysia needs funds to pay the bills, every year at least RM3 million to sustain the cost of operation, with over 1600 patients under their care. Services are provided at no cost to patients.  
So help spread the word, show up for the event and donate to the cause. Your money will help to save lives!

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