Monday, November 19, 2012


These cool ice-blended Watermelon juice spiked with Mint (RM8.90) from Fat Spoon was the perfect antidote to freshen us up after our arduous battle with Klang Valley's horrendous traffic.
 Owned and operated by the Pong sisters, this modern Nyonya outlet is packed with quirky retro charm and a top draw with the young, trendy crowd from the middle to upper class residential areas nearby. Who can blame them once you have a taste of the restaurant's scrumptious Nyonya and contemporary fare?
I'm appalled to admit that it was my maiden visit but stepping into the cosy confines, I love the blasts from the past that greeted me at every nook and cranny: from the old-fashioned pots and kitchen utensils suspended overhead and blackboard display listing the house specials to the slightly tattered menus printed on rough brown paper and time-worn yellowed newspaper-plastered wall above the bar counter.
For that night's bloggers' tasting dinner, Fat Spoon chose to unveil its latest dishes. The selection was printed in a specially designed menu for easy reference.
Our famished tummies were soon silenced by the tasty appetiser of crispy pumpkin fritters. Served with Thai chilli sauce, this speciality is a side dish to complement the Fat Salmon Sandwich (RM16.90).
Light, crispy and subtly sweet, the pumpkin nests were so incredibly addictive, we quickly made short work of them.
Crunchy slices of apple and herbed mayo bestowed sexy twists to the Fat Salmon Sandwich which comprised slivers of smoked salmon and lettuce in between a sesame seed topped burger.
The Moo Moo Rice Bowl (RM15.90) had a distinctly Thai slant to it, thanks to the inclusion of fresh basil and the moreish basil-accentuated beef tenderloin chunks on a heap of fluffy rice. A sunny side up egg scattered with fried shallots enriched the whole ensemble further.
Caramelised tamarind prawns coupled with finely sliced gingerflower and coriander imparted their deep-seated flavours and enticing aromas to the Tamarind Prawn Angel Hair Pasta (RM16.90). We adore the dish's well-balanced nuances; an artful blend of slightly sourish-sweet and briny dimensions that leave you hankering for more.
Just when we thought nothing could possibly rival or outdo all the delectable fare that we had savoured, along came the mother of all dessert...Sago Pudding with The Last Polka's Salted Gula Melaka Ice Cream (RM9.90). Now I'm a huge fan of this classic Nyonya pudding and I was completely smitten by how well the cold, creamy treat matched the tiny pearly globules.
If you're keen to check Fat Spoon out for yourself, here's the essential details. Reservations recommended for dinner especially during the weekends.


Chasing Food Dreams said...

Desserts there is simply Out of This World... I went back and tried most of their desserts!! You need to try their Fried Cempedak and cakes!

Love the place!

Henry Tan said...

tamarind prawn pasta looks appetizing to me! especially gingerflower! =D

Alice JomMakanLife said...

@Food Dreams I know! I've been dying to return but time and distance don't permit me to do so ... yet!

@Henry go for it man! You won't regret it. ^^

yannli said...

so yummy. bring me there.

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