Friday, November 09, 2012


It was a pizza fest like no other thanks to the Lune PR team from IACT. With more than 10 bloggers present, we were treated to an evening of pizza galore...good thing the toppings were as varied as everyone's imagination!

Held at Aria Italian restaurant in the Damansara Heights enclave, we spied a table laid out with assorted toppings for the planned pizza-making contest the minute we stepped in.

Aria which means air, space or melody in Italian is a double-storied restaurant that's perfect for quiet dinner, Sunday brunch, family gatherings or small business meetings. 


For that night, we counted 12 types of toppings in all; from cold cuts to fresh greens in addition to the basic condiments of tomato sauce, cheese and what looked like tortilla wraps doubling up as the pizza base.

Since it was our maiden visit, we trooped upstairs to check out the cosy dining area adorned with lots of retro posters and black&white prints.

A long bar and wine room occupy part of the downstairs dining premise. The mellow lighting and warm hues throughout the outlet lend the ambience a welcoming feel.

To get the party rolling, we were given slips of paper to note down the desired toppings for our pizza and think up a name for it. Then the chef helped to place our choice of toppings on each pizza before it was sent into the kitchen for baking.

We were ravenous by the time the first pizza made its appearance. Then it was non-stop feasting as about 15 pizzas were offered up. We naturally loved the first few but as the evening progressed, we found the surfeit of pizzas began to taste more or less the same...although a few stood out for their extravagant and sometime odd selection of toppings.

Still it was a fun-filled evening and the restaurant even fed us its house versions. We had to decline the last 2-3 that came to our table as we were simply too satiated to devour another piece! Overall, there was a couple of hits and misses but frankly, this occasion is not a fair evaluation of Aria's actual menu.

So you don't take my word for it when it comes to the menu. Toddle along to Aria and sample its pizza and other Italian fare at your own leisure. After all, the proof of the pudding is always in the eating!

ARIA, 44G Plaza Damansara, Jalan Media Setia 2, Bukit Damansara, KL. Tel: 03-2095 0016

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