Monday, June 03, 2013


Three heartwarming anecdotes about their mothers earned Stephanie Lim May Ling, Siti Ainin Sophia Mohd Azman and Stephanie Lim Sook Beng great prizes from Neubodi in conjunction with the brand's Facebook contest, “My Mother, My Support” held in conjunction with Mother's Day.

They were invited to an intimate Afternoon Tea Delight Session at Botanical with Nadine Ann Thomas, Sue Lynn Tiong and Parveen K. Brar who also had their bosom buddies and mothers in tow.

An exquisite Afternoon English Tea tray stacked with scrumptious bite-sized sweets and savories accompanied by freshly brewed English tea set the mood for the intimate gathering.

Each winner then shared hilarious and touching memories of picking out their first bra with their respective mothers. Neubodi rewarded the winners with personalised fitting sessions and complimentary brassiere sets in time for Mother's Day.

The Bra-education session also covered interesting issues such as knowing what a proper fit means, developing the right inner self confidence and the importance of creating a proper and stronger self- image by Ms Estee Ong, a notable bra fitting expert and General Manager of Neubodi in Malaysia, and Ms Wendy Liew, owner of the Image Creator and certified image consultant.

Estee shared that “When a woman wears the right cup, right size, and right fit, she will definitely encounter a life changing experience resulting in better posture with centered breasts and a defined silhouette. She is a confident woman, who loves her body.”

Estee then presented the winners with their prizes and gave them tips on how to care for the brassieres. “Every woman needs to have a minimum of three good brassieres in their wardrobe, one to wear, one to wash and one to rest. This will help extend the lifespan of the brassiere. When you care for your brassiere, the brassiere will care for your breasts,” she said.

Guests present at the event then enjoyed personalized fitting sessions and went home with a complimentary brassiere set and a set of Neubodi’s vintage mugs after the fun filled afternoon came to an end.

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