Saturday, December 28, 2013


BOSCH - Europe’s leading household appliances launched its newly introduced Asian Range hobs and hoods  recently.
Gary Ong, Chief Executive Officer of BSH Home Appliances Sdn. Bhd. highlighted that the INTELLI innovations were conceived to cater to Asian kitchen needs and Asian cooking techniques, enabling its users to cook in style while keeping the kitchen and the rest of the house clean and odour-free.

According to him, the gas and electric hobs of the Asian Range are designed wider than the existing European Range, to accommodate Asian-style cookware such as woks and larger pots. He also points out that the oil collection channel on the hoods come with a patented double filter system to capture condensed grease instantly and diverts it to the oil cup, keeping the kitchen grease free.
Ong said: Kitchen is the heart of the home, a place where cooking is devoted to loved ones. We endeavour to produce efficient and elegant products with the most advanced technology  for kitchens around the world. The Asian Range brings German efficiency and technology to the Asian kitchens such as even and precise wok burners, efficient extraction for hoods and INTELLILINK, an innovative, convenient and practical feature that links the hob and hood.” 
Chef Alina Hew demonstrated Bosch's latest Asian Range by whipping up a quick, stir-fry dish at the launch. Canopied tents were also set-up to show the versatility of the hobs where Thai, Korean, Indian, Malay and Nyonya dishes were served for guests' sampling.
Also present at the launch was Jimmy Ang, Head of Marketing for BSH Home Appliances Sdn Bhd. Product manager Ms Chee Lin Kit also explained in detail some of the features of the new Asian Range.
Priced from RM1,388 onwards, there will be 10 different models available from January 2014 onwards. For more information on Bosch Asian Range or to locate the nearest Bosch dealer, visit 


Zara Cake Katering Sandakan said...

Wow, so nice but the price is quiet expensive, hope it can be on my kitchen soon hehe :-), nice food blog, dont forget to blogwalking in my blog too. :-)

Alice JomMakanLife said...

@Zara Cake Katering Sandakan - thank you for visiting. A good kitchen is worth investing is especially if you are a passionate cook.

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