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Warm & cosy Eyuzu
Tired of turkey and the same old, same old Noel fare? Make your way to the Eastin Hotel and let Eyuzu take you on an extravagant culinary tour of Japan via its Christmas Eve buffet dinner on 24 December.
Maki sushi rolls add extra sparkle to your meal
You'd be spoilt for choice as the chefs have left no stones unturned and pull out all the stops to whip up a palatable parade that includes salad and appetisers, assorted hot dishes and several action stations where chefs will prepare inviting specialities for your sampling pleasure.
Raw appeal - how can you resist such sumptuous succulence?
For our exclusive 'sneak preview', an impressive composition of Sashimi that has raw salmon, marinated white tuna, oysters and yellowtail piled atop a bed of crushed ice gave us a good idea of what to expect at the Sashimi & Sushi action station.
Salmon Avocado Maki that's smooth and scrumptious
Salmon Avocado Maki and Soft Shell Crab Maki will have your festive party on a roll; their rainbow pretty hues coupled with zesty flavours and varied textures guaranteed to 'rice' and lend extra shine to the occasion.
Take flight to culinary heaven - baked chicken wings from Eyuzu
We envisage the Baked Chicken Wings with Honey-Soy Sauce will be another major crowd-pleasing favourite. The sticky sweet and mildly briny sauce coating the wings even had us licking our fingers and picking the bones clean so keep your eyes peeled for those delectable offerings.

Such a tasty dumpling ground
Be prepared to have a ball or two or more the minute you sink your teeth into the Deep-fried Breaded Prawn and Salmon Dumplings. The golden, crispy orbs which yielded softer, springier textures definitely had us hooked at first bite.
Turkey temptation remains intact
Surprisingly, the customary roast turkey will still be putting in an appearance at the special Christmas carving station for the chef wouldn't dream of depriving diners of the traditional speciality. Served with cranberry sauce, giblet gravy and braised vegetable, the moist meat is worth gobbling up.
Terrific teppan grilled turkey
For a moreish, inventive Japanese take on this, we suggest you go for the Teppanyaki Turkey Breast with Garlic-Butter Sauce, Decked with fried garlic flakes and smeared with a little teriyaki sauce, the tender discs of teppan-grilled turkey got the thumbs up from everyone of us who tasted it.
Soba to slurp up in hot or cold broth
If you have more tummy space to spare, twirl around with servings of Cha Soba that are flecked with crispy bits of tempura batter and slivers of nori (laver).

Nice ice cream that makes you go green with envy
Dessert comes in individual portions of popular Macha (green tea) Ice Cream with Red Bean Mash, puffy-light Dorayaki pancakes that can be topped with your choice of condiments: honey, peanut butter, jam, kaya (egg and coconut milk spread), etc or Abekawa Mochi (glutinous rice balls with crushed peanuts).
Nuts about this?
fresh raw salmon, butterfish, oysters, octopus and marinated white tuna - See more at:
fresh raw salmon, butterfish, oysters, octopus and marinated white tuna - See more at:
Priced at RM118++ per person, Eyuzu's Christmas Eve buffet will be served from 6.30pm to 10pm. An equally sumptuous line-up will be available on 31 December as well.
Pancake please...add your fave toppings to go
For reservations at EYUZU, call tel: 03-7665 1111 x 203.
7665-1111 ext.203

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