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No turkey for Christmas this year? You can still make it a sizzling affair - just throw some beef and goodies onto the barbie at Gyu-Kaku, Japan's biggest yakiniku restaurant chain.
Pop into the cosy Isetan 1Utama outlet and select choice cuts to sample. Salads, appetisers and even set lunches are available so you won't be left wanting.
Sip on fizzy thirst-quenchers while you peruse the menu for good eats. We recommend the Fried Shrimp Gyoza (RM12.90) to start. They are scrumptiously good as the crispy texture makes it quite different from the usual pan-fried ones. Drizzled with okonomiyaki sauce and mayo and topped with katsuoboshi (smoked dried bonito) shavings, these delicious tidbits are bound to go down a treat.
The Horenso Salad (RM8.90) is another hot favourite with office execs during lunch. It's a spinach salad with sliced button mushroom topped with fried garlic chips and goma sesame dressing.
The smoky nuance and creamy nuttiness of the dressing add an irresistible lift to the green ensemble, making it an enticing salad to partake. An alternative option is Namuru Salad (RM8.90) - a quartet of marinated soy beansprouts, Japanese spinach, wood ear fungus and shredded radish that hinted at some Korean influences.
  Grilled meat sets start at RM13.90 (chicken teriyaki with rice, soup and dessert) to RM19.90.  Ramen and rice sets are also available, ranging from RM15.90 to RM17.90. - See more at: http://pureglutton.com/gyu-kaku-japanese-bbq#sthash.UqoYQvvq.dpuf
Set lunches are also served from RM18.90 onwards. Each option comes with grilled meat (the above is chicken teriyaki), rice, soup and dessert; a complete meal that should leave you replete. Ishiyaki Mentaiko (RM20.90) which has salted cod roe (mentaiko) stirred into sizzling white rice, chopped vegetable and seaweed in a stone bowl is a worthy choice for die-hard rice fans.
Nothing is worse than going to a barbecue resto and going home with your hair, clothes and body reeking of barbecue fumes. The great thing about dining at Gyu-Kaku is its smokeless Japanese grills - fuelled by imported charcoal briquettes, the specially outfitted suctions that are kept neatly hidden away under dining tables ensure a comfy smoke-free environment with none of that awful cooking smell lingering around.
Gyu-Kaku also takes pride in serving its own prime cuts (all meat are halal-certified) such as Wagyu Brisket (RM26.90), Wagyu Rump Cap (RM45) and Karubi (Oyster Blade, RM45). As with any good beef, the cuts are best enjoyed with just a sprinkle of Himalayan rock salt or the restaurant's house marinades: shio, tare, miso or spicy miso.
The Karubi (RM25.90) or short ribs is popular in Japan for its inherent sweet flavours and tenderness. Tasty and lean, the Rump Cap (RM21) constitutes round primal cut that's equally delectable. Ladies would go for Harami (RM18.90) thanks to the cut's low fat content and enticing tenderness.
Other choices include Beef Tongue (RM25.90) and Tsubo Zuke Karubi (RM24.90), marinated beef short ribs with housemade shabu dressing. If you have friends or family in tow who eschew beef, seafood, chicken and lamb are also available (priced from RM14.90 onwards per serving).
If you miss those school campfire nights, don't miss the DIY S'mores (RM5.90) here. We feel like a bunch of school kids, toasting our own marshmallows on skewers and then eating the melty treat sandwiched between two pieces of Graham crackers. Yums!
Those who are partial to puddings would enjoy the smooth Milk Pudding (RM9.90) served with soya bean powder and Japanese brown sugar syrup for a light, sweet finish to their meal.
For reservations at Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant, call 03-7733-0018 or visit the outlet at 2nd Floor, Isetan, 1Utama Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. More infor available from:

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