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Colourful, boisterous and eventful best describes any media event hosted by Tai Thong Group. With affable Eddy Kwong spearheading his dynamic marketing team, invited guests always have a whale of a time and the recent Chinese New Year (CNY) dinner preview was no different.

Even the mythical Choy Sun Yeh (God of Prosperity) and Sun Woo Kung (Monkey God) graced the event, adding much cheer and auspiciousness. A live band coupled with a lavish banquet and free flow of Carlsberg beer ensured we all left well-fed and brimming with good cheer.

The showstopper in my book is the impossibly scrumptious Baked Dried Oyster Tarts (RM8.80++). Part of the Prosperous Dim Sum repertoire – it’s a splendid pie of sorts consisting of airy-light flaky yet buttery pastry stuffed with savoury dried oyster bits.


Clearer flavours prevail in the Steamed Triple Delight with Oyster Sauce (RM9.80++) – a trio of bouncy steamed fish paste balls topped with fatt choi (black moss), mushroom and dried oyster. The natural sweetness of the fish paste bears testament to its appetising allure; a pristine ‘canvas’ to showcase the inherent nuances of the toppings.

Eat and prosper when you sample the translucent parcels of Steamed Fatt Choy Dumplings with Prawns (RM8.80++). Encased in sheer, subtly chewy skin, the simple filling again proves the premium and fresh ingredients used.

Rice fans would dig enthusiastically into a portion or two of Steamed Bamboo Rice with Chinese Waxed Meat (RM10.80++). Similar to ubiquitous lap mei farn, the individual serving is perfect for those who prefer to enjoy this festive treat with restraint.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Prosperous Dim Sum quartet from February 1 – 29. The offerings go superbly well with glasses of chilled Carlsberg too so it’s a great way to yam seng this CNY.

Of course, no family reunion or festive gathering is complete in Malaysia without yee sang. The Tai Thong Group chefs recommend three distinctive versions: Golden Fortune Yee Sang (RM68.80++ for half serving, RM108.80++ for full serving) with assorted fruits and nuts, Fortune Yee Sang with salmon and pear (RM68.80++ half, RM108.80++ full) and Double Happiness Yee Sang (RM88.80++ half, RM128.80++ full) with Japanese Fish Roe and Prawn.


Health-conscious diners should relish the fruity and nutty Golden Fortune Yee Sang – a refreshing take on this celebratory salad. The combination of shredded ginger, carrot and radish with pomegranate, grapes, dragonfruit, jackfruit, green apple, mandarin orange segments, rose apple, peach, dried cranberries and blueberries, salted almonds, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, crushed peanuts and sesame seeds makes this platter a cut above the usual version.

If you have a penchant for soup, the Double-boiled Dried Premium Seafood Soup in Coconut (RM48.80++) should float your boat. The clear and mildly sweet coconut juice and coconut aroma makes the broth a pleasure to slurp up. Brimming with a chockful of goodies such as sliced abalone, conpoy, fish maw, crabstick, mushroom, red dates, bamboo pith and village chicken, this dish alone will leave small eaters replete.

Planning to feed the clan? No worries, the Fortune Seafood Treasure Pot (RM298.80++ for 5 persons, RM498.80++ for 10) should be ample for both young and old. 
This customary poon choi serves up a hodge-podge that includes deep-fried tiger prawns and jade perch, cheese baked mussels, stuffed crabstick with fish paste, stuffed squid with chicken meat, shiitake, fresh baby corn, button mushroom, cauliflower, carrot, pumpkin, lotus root, broccoli and Chinese cabbage. A two days’ notice is required though so make sure you call ahead to book.

Although most chefs usually resist tweaking the perennial lap mei farn, we like how Tai Thong Group chefs imbue it with shelled Japanese green soya beans resulting in Claypot Rice with Waxed Meat and Edamame. Never mind the waxed stuff was a tad salty that night. I personally think the beans lent an agreeable textural dimension to the carb-laden dish. Lots of chopped spring onion also help to reign in the greasy factor.

Expect some floral rhapsody when you bite into the dessert creation of Chilled Nian Gao with Osmanthus and Sakura (RM11.80++ for 6 pcs per serving). The jellified pudding looks pretty but the nian gao seems kinda lost amidst the equation. I guess it will sit well with those who just want a sliver of the traditional treat.

For more details on Tai Thong Group's CNY Festive Indulgence Menus or reservations, call 1800-88-2338 or visit

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