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Bacon does make everything tastes better. It was the meaty smoky brininess of the real porky kind that got us hooked after the first forkful of Carbonara Dcova (RM20.90+). Lightly tossed in lush white sauce and surrounded by juicy strips of cooked bacon, this house pasta proves to be a real gem of a find on our maiden visit to DCOVA.
Owned and run by a bunch of passionate foodie friends including former Foodsion editor Oo Lean Hooi, DCOVA is a cosy, rustic nook where freshly brewed coffee and premium quality tea infusions rule the roost. An all day dining menu tickles the tastebuds with excellent a la minute pasta dishes and artisanal dessert. 
Coffee enthusiasts will find DCOVA serves the requisite java brews expected of it. Since we prefer a milder coffee based drink, the signature Freddo (RM13.25+) imparts well-balanced astringency and a nice creamy finish.  
Fine tea infusions by the exclusive Tea Leaves from Singapore (they also supply to the posh Four Seasons hotel group) are given equal importance here. At Lean Hooi's recommendation, we complement our meal with Shanghai Rose (RM17.80+), a splendid black tea with smoky sweet rose notes. Sliced lemon is served on the side should you wish to infuse the tea with refreshing citrusy tang.
Herbal and citrus nuances are discernible upon us sampling the Lemon Verbena infusion. This beverage goes well with the heavier pasta dishes; perfect as a palate-cleanser. Not into caffeinated drinks? Then Summer Strawberry (RM14.30+), a berry refreshing thirst-quencher is your drink of choice.  
Health buffs and light eaters will find Teriyaki Chicken Salad (RM18.90+), a mound of fresh salad leaves, rocket and cucumber slices with cherry tomato halves dressed in nutty goma (sesame seed) sauce a godsend. We like how the sweetish bite-size chunks of teriyaki chicken and crunchy walnuts pile on flavourful and textural dimension to the ensemble.

Springy fresh prawns from Taiping and succulent squid give the resto’s Spicy Seafood Aglio Olio (RM23.90+) its winsome edge. Tossed with garlic and extra virgin olive oil, the perfectly al dente pasta is spiked with chopped bird's eye chilli, setting the tastebuds ablaze with sporadic bursts of hotness.

More prawns, crunchy ebiko (prawn roe) and momi nori (crumbled seaweed) bestow delicate layers of flavours and textural mouthfeel to Ebiko Alfredo (RM23.90+), lifting this creamy, savoury pasta offering to raveworthy new heights.

Squid ink powder plays a central role in the speciality of Riz Alnero di Seppia (RM28.90+), rendering the fragrant rice grains ebony black. A pair of fried prawns and tender squid rings inject oceanic sweetness into the mound of blackened rice.

The condiment is also used in the making of Pasta Alnero di Seppia (RM27.90+). Although the pastaregales the tastebdus sufficiently with the clear umami flavour of ebiko, this dish somehow fails to elicit the same ardour we had for the rice dish.
Make sure you leave enough tummy space for the luscious dessert at DCOVA. Supplied by Passionis –
Penang's patisserie par excellence, the Japanese-style Strawberry Shortcake is on-point and resembles what I had savoured in the Land of the Rising Sun. Sandwiched in-between layers of airy-light cream and fresh strawberry bits, the delicate cotton-soft vanilla sponge is a beguilingly ethereal treat too good to share.
Mirror-smooth, glossy ganache crowned with a single, whole hazelnut gives the best clue to just how exquisite the Double Chocolate Hazelnut Praline tastes. Avid chocoholics will be thoroughly smitten by the sublime, multiple layers of dark and milk chocolate, chocolate mousse, chocolate sponge and a crispy feuilletine layer at the bottom. I was.
For reservations, call DCOVA, tel: 04-261 3121. Address: Logan Heritage No. 4, Lebuh Bishop, George Town, Penang.

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