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Prawning or prawn fishing looks deceptively easy but it’s trickier than it seems. A stone’s throw away from 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Prawning Utama reels in enthusiasts who are game at landing their own catch here from 3-6 pm.

Tucked between a petrol station and an office tower, the prawning spot and urban vegetable farm exude a ‘far from the madding crowd’ vibe once you park onsite.

Hungry prawning patrons who feel famished need not go far in search of food as Utama Farm Steamboat serves one-dish meals (think fried rice, mee goreng and fried chicken wings) and Muslim-friendly steamboat with a small selection of complementary cooked-to-order dishes.

Despite its spartan setting, the decorative fairy lights and fairly secluded surroundings managed to conjure up a laidback dining atmosphere at dusk.

Steamboat naturally gets top billing here with a choice of soup going for RM15 per pot. We chose Superior Fish and Mushroom Soup as the soup base for our steamboat. Distinct in flavour, both soup bases soon acquired greater depth as more ingredients were tossed in to cook.

Some of the recommended items for steamboat here include Fish Paste (RM18), Prawn Paste (RM28), Chicken and Mushrooms Paste (RM24), and Premium Fish Balls (6 pcs RM15). For textural interest, servings of Prawn Wantan (6 pcs RM22), Chicken & Mushroom Dumplings (6 pcs RM15), Stuffed Tau Pok (4 pcs RM9) or Stuffed Fuchuk (RM9) won’t go remiss.


Live Tiger Prawns (RM10.80/100gm) are also available as additional steamboat items. Sweetcorn (RM9), Enoki Mushroom (RM6) and Cocktail Sausages (RM7) are other choices worth considering.

The 'farm to table' concept allows diners to pick their own green vegetables at RM12 or at RM3 per bundle; depending on what’s available. These could range from siew bak choy or kailan to sweet potato leaves or kangkong.

Should you be more inclined toward having some dishes with rice, the restaurant serves Red Tail Patin or baung merah (almost 1kg) at RM118. Ours was steamed with superior soy sauce – the fish was nice with the garlicky soy sauce.

Remember to check with the service team what fish is available. On our visit, we had Seabass with Sweet and Sour Sauce but there's also an Indonesian curry listed on the menu to go with the fish of your choice.  

Should you feel peckish while waiting for the steamboat to be ready, nibble on Signature Fried Chicken Wings (3 pcs RM12). They are acceptable as appetisers go.


We cooled off our steamboat evening with the house Cendol (RM7.80) or milky-syrupy treat of ABC (RM8.80). The finely shaved ice desserts went down delightfully after the slew of savoury dishes, wrapping up our visit to Utama Prawning on a nice sweet note.

For more information, call/WhatsApp Utama Prawning, hp no: 011-5137 4407 and Utama Farm Steamboat, hp no: 012-969 1516. Address: Between Shell Station and 1Powerhouse, Persiaran Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Business hours: Prawning Utama: 3-6pm; Utama Farm Steamboat 6.30pm to 11pm

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