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Spicy, creamy yet mildly tangy...gulai asam tempoyak ikan patin from the Centre rules!
Homesick for true-blue kampung food? Aaahhh, you can't go wrong with the extravagant line-up at the Centre. Top 3 picks:  1. gulai asam tempoyak ikan patin - packs a spicy, tangy punch with creamy finish. Fresh chunks of patin adds sweetness...souse the gravy over white rice and you'd be in gustatory heaven! 
2. nasi briyani kambing - not all briyanis are created equal. Perfumed by exotic spices, the fluffy grains are good enough to be enjoyed on their own. But heck, nobody can resist a slice or two of juicy roast lamb right? 

3. serawa durian - if you can't have the real King of Fruits, this unctuously rich version is a darn good substitute. Every durian lover's dream ;-p (sorry, no pix...)
The lavish spread is worth every sen of that RM99++ per person (Ramadan Al-Mubarak menu) and RM135++ per person (Ramadan Al-Kareem menu).

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-2333 2888

Fire up your tastebuds with Malay and multi-racial cuisine at Latest Recipe. Celebrity Chef Zubir Md Zain makes a special comeback, bringing wickedly delectable Malay dishes to the fold in addition to the lavish parade of Japanese, Indian, Western and Chinese fare. 

Top 3 Picks: 1. rendang pulau Jawa daun salam - generously spiced and brimming with enough heat to leave you hot under the collar in a good way. Basil leaves give this tasty rendang additional aroma and nuance.
2. red snapper with Portuguese sauce - love the piquantly robust sauce atop the perfectly cooked snapper. Moist and sweet, the melding of delicate and strong flavours makes this a winner in my book.
3. teppan-cooked prawns - the Japanese section is always a hit with diners here and the prawns are highly recommended. Slightly peppery with some creamy sauce, their springiness and inherent sweetness are raveworthy indeed.

You'd have a hard time deciding what to eat as the buffet is laden with too many irresistible choices. We love the nostalgic offerings featured: sup gearbox, keli salai masak tempoyak (catfish with fermented durian gravy), putu piring, putu mayam, roti jala with kuah durian, local agar-agar jelly with basil seeds and coconut flesh, and crispy banana, breadfruit and sweet potato fritters.

Price: RM138++ per adult on weekdays; RM128++ per adult on weekends. 
Latest Recipe, Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur, 2, Jalan Stesen Sentral, KL Sentral. Tel: 03-2263 7434

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Comfort food that evokes childhood memories and age-old recipes that stir up a sense of nostalgia are the crowd-pulling factor at Concorde KL. Diners can break fast at the Ballroom transformed into a typical kampung setting while Melting Pot Cafe is decked in festive finery for Ramadan.

Top 3 picks from here: 1) lamb chop kurma - tender and flavoursome from a medley of fragrant spices, these chops are finger-licking down to the last bone.

2) umbut kelapa masak lemak putih - crunchy palm hearts redolent with turmeric flavour and scent, bathed in a rich coconut milk-based gravy...yummy!

3) ayam pencen rendang - lean, mean and firm village-bred chicken simmered in a complex spice blend to robust perfection

Of course, few can resist the perennial delights of fish head curry, siput sedut, sotong kunyit, lidah lembu bakar air asam, daging salai masak belimbing...and we haven't even touch on the remaining mind-boggling plethora of rice, dessert and thirst-quenching drinks yet!

Price: Concorde Ballroom (until 25 July) - RM98++ per person; Melting Pot (until 27 July) - RM118++ per person

Concorde Hotel KL, Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL. Tel: 03-2717 2233 or 2144 2200 x 2337

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Watch out for part 2 of Top Picks for Ramadan from
Aloft KL, Chakri Palace and InterContinental KL

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