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What was once known as the Chinese gooseberry is now better known as the kiwifruit! 

Think of this little hairy fruit as your natural Vitamin C 'pill'...after all one serving (150g) of kiwifruit gives you over 150% Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of Vitamin C – that's twice as much as a 100g orange! A great immune booster, Vitamin C reduces fatigue and tiredness, and enhances the body's absorption of important minerals such as iron and calcium.
Rohani Jelani shared nifty tricks on how to cut kiwifruit and easy recipes during the cooking session
Flying high on the pole...kiwifruit delivers more nutrients for dynamic ladies
Zespri, the world’s leading marketer of kiwifruit from New Zealand which exports the Zespri® Green and Zespri® Gold kiwifruits to our shores and around the globe, recently held a special cooking session at Bayan Indah for bloggers and media; enabling us to learn more about this amazing fruit.
Sweet surprise...gorgeous kiwifruit muffins rustled up by the Bayan Indah team
After a brief intro by Ms Judy Lee, Marketing Manager for Zespri in SEA and a quick overview by a dietician, we all were treated to a pole dancing session. More sporting bloggers gamely tried their hands at the exercise but we were all chomping at the bit to cook with celebrity chef Rohani Jelani who guided us on how to prepare 4 delicious recipes using Zespri® Kiwifruit!

Rohani showing different ways of cutting fresh kiwifruit for a dessert platter
Needless to say, the proof of the pudding was always in the avid foodies and cooking enthusiasts, it was half a day well-spent on how to make the most out of Zespri® Kiwifruit besides just eating it raw.

Mille feuille of kiwifruit makes a nice and light treat
Here's a couple of healthy facts about the kiwifruit's goodness:

- enhances good digestive health i.e. regulate bowel movement, reduces feelings of bloatedness and discomfort after a heavy meal.

- its fibre-rich content promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in our gut.

- perfect for weight management as its protease enzyme (actinidin) helps food protein digestion, including meat, dairy, soy and legume, enabling better nutrient absorption.

- low in glycemic index that helps moderate blood glucose level – making it safe for diabetics.

- a natural source of Folate that's essential for the formation of red blood cells, cell growth and nerve development and Potassium, key nutrient to normalise functions of nerves and muscles.

Chicken chop with kiwifruit sauce...yummylicious!
Wholesome meal cooked with kiwifruit...tangy fish curry with kiwifruit, prawn skewers with kiwifruit salsa, kiwifruit kerabu salad & chicken chop with kiwifruit sauce
More recipes using Kiwifruit and information on Zespri available from

Tangy fish curry gets a unexpected lift from kiwifruit wedges
Grilled prawn skewers laden with kiwifruit and capsicum salsa

Congratulations to Huey Min and Kristen for winning the Zespri freebies! Look out for more goodies to come in future blog posts... :)

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