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In sync with its legendary namesake, Amadeus Bistro & Wine Bar sets out to marry music with food and wine, to heighten the pleasurable wining and dining experience for its patrons.
Modelled after modern Viennese bistros of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's birthplace, the 2-month old  outlet is run by the Croatian owner behind the famed Dubrovnik restaurant in Solaris Mont Kiara.
Amadeus aims to be a refuge for the predominantly white collar crowd within the Golden Triangle especially those working in the many highrises that surround Jalan Sultan Ismail. Whether you're in the mood for some canapes and cocktails, coffee and cake, beer and bistro-style fare, Amadeus is on song to ensure you leave happily replete...
Discerning diners will find an ample selection of classical European offerings worth warbling over, complete with latter day presentations of course. Its Duck Terrine is one such example; the dense, rich and velvety slices studded with pistachios and complemented by a refreshing side salad will have you breaking out in song.
High on my list is the simple but oh-so-rustic Grilled Capsicum with Onions and Aubergines Bruschetta that are adorned with crumbly bits of feta. Light on the palate yet flavourful, the toasty slices are incredibly addictive!
We also had Baked Mussels that were tender and toothsome to the bite, topped with tomato coulis and creamy cheese and wine sauce. A definitive evergreen chart-topper.

Souping up our dinner was an incredibly hearty Mushroom Soup - the fungi's inherent woody nuance caressing our tastebuds with gusto, thanks to the broth's dulcet creaminess.

Pasta perfect dishes include Seared Salmon with Spaghetti, al dente pasta prettied up with a slab of crisp seared salmon fillet and cherry tomato halves, and the inevitable can't go wrong Seafood Fettucine. 

More meaty performances to set you drooling include the Duck Confit, Lamb Rack and Prime Beef Rib. Served with buttered rice, we couldn't help but sing praises of the fall-of-the-bone tender duck.

The lamb rack hits all the right notes with the creamy mash acting as a complementary canvas to flaunt the meat's subtly smoky gaminess.
 Redolent with rich tomato accent, the beef rib rocks us with its deep-seated flavour and fork-tender texture.
Dessert that takes the cake includes Red Velvet, Carrot Cake and Cheesecake with Lemon Custard. Despite their richness, the heavenly slices were surprisingly feather-light with just the hint of sweetness.
Best of all, prices here are unlikely to give you a heart attack; wines start from RM19 per glass, starters - RM17 upwards, mains - RM22 onwards and pasta - RM20 upwards.

If food is the music of love, I'd say play on!

Amadeus Bistro & Wine Bar
Life Centre, No.20 Jalan Sultan Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-2162 2788

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