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What's the best thing to banish Monday blues? How about a symphony of East or West cuisine by Chef Ricky Thein of Lai Po Heen and Chef Reto Weber of Mandarin Grill to tempt your palate?
Chewy with oceans of flavour...chilled whole baby abalone
In conjunction with the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) currently on now until 31 October, the MOKUL team held a special preview on what the master chefs have in store to tickle the tastebuds.

Chef Ricky started the ball rolling with 'Hunan' chilled whole baby abalone; laid within its shell layered with pomelo sacs, diced avocado, kiwi and tomato soused in a spicy sesame sauce and presented on a bed of ice.
This special Kung Fu soup definitely packed a great wallop
Kicking things up on another notch, he poured his culinary heart and soul into a special double-boiled Kung Fu soup, filled with premium seafood: sea cucumber, fish maw, dried scallop and morel mushroom. American ginseng and cordyceps sweeten the delicate broth, giving it a subtly sweet earthiness and full-bodied depth that hinted of the sea.

Chef Ricky's trio of corn-fed chicken will have you clucking with approval
 The festival dinner menu also includes trio of corn-fed chicken that's spiked with Sichuanese pepper, seared to perfect crispness and filled to brimming with finely diced mushroom, corn, carrot and capsicum.
Refresh your palate with mandarin orange sorbet and watermelon ceviche
After a palate-cleansing ball of tangy mandarin orange sorbet paired with watermelon ceviche, the discerning menu continues with steamed dragon grouper roll with Hong Kong kai lan and superior rice wine sauce.
A majestic fish dish that's fit for a king
Then it's time to rice and shine with sun-dried scallop with glutinous rice, neatly wrapped in a blanched spinach leaf parcel. The fluffy, pearly grains has none of the usual heaviness that's synonymous with sticky rice.

Rice-ing to the occasion with much flavour
Peanut coated butter milk cubic with green tea sauce and passionfruit infused coconut pudding ensure you leave the restaurant smiling sweetly and happily following the splendid feast.

Sweet and sensational dessert creations await

Lai Po Heen

Festival Lunch Menu

RM 198 per person (5 courses "Trio of chicken")
RM 228 per person (5 courses "Dragon grouper roll")

Festival Dinner Menu

RM 288 per person (7 courses)

If you prefer Western fare, Chef Reto Weber's refined culinary creations should float your boat.

Give us our daily bread...especially if they're as rustic as these artisanal creations

Inspired by classic European delights, the starter of rabbit loin 'perigord' with lamb lettuce, cep mushrooms and truffle jus will cause you to jump for joy.

What's up doc? Rabbit to tempt you that's what...

Adding meaty substance to the menu are halibut fillet with champagne choucroute, duck leg confit a la orange and black angus tenderloin with foie gras and smoked celery puree.

Reeling you in...Chef Weber's understated halibut dish
No ducking the issue...go quackers over this sumptuous offering
Tenderloin to lock horns with
Reto Weber's the man behind the sumptuous MIGF line-up
A choice of white sacher sponge, bourbon vanilla bavarois and orange custard or chestnut honey reblochon with quince chutney and black pepper baquette serves as the icing on the cake to round off your culinary journey at Mandarin Grill.
Sweet seduction rustled up by Chef Reto Weber

Mandarin Grill

Festival Lunch Menu

RM 165 per person (2 courses)
RM 195 per person (3 courses)

Festival Dinner Menu

RM 345 per person (5 courses)

For reservations, please call  Lai Po Heen, tel: 03 2179 8885 or Mandarin Grill, tel: 03 2179 8960.


Chasing Food Dreams said...

Gorgeous menu from MO! I can't decide which one I like best as both really have a lot of signatures... :D

Alice JomMakanLife said...

True...but my fave has to be the soup! It was too good and I'm not a big fan of soupy stuff.

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