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On days when you hanker for a simple rice meal, Sukiya's famous Gyudon should fit the bill. Credited as the first Japanese gyudon (beef bowl) chain restaurants to obtain JAKIM's Halal Certification, the reasonably priced, all-in-one rice bowls here are unbeatable.
Besides the classic Gyudon which consists of fluffy Japanese rice with sliced beef and onion simmered in a mildly sweet sauce, there's also Cheese Gyudon (top most pic, RM8.90-S/RM10.90-M/RM12.90-L) or Okra Gyudon (above pic, RM8.90-S/RM10.90-M/RM12.90-L).

Laced with melted mozzarella, the Cheese Gyudon tastes richer than the normal version but youngsters with a penchant for rich, cheesey fare should like it. Adults who want a well-balanced meal with some greens thrown in would do well to opt for the Okra Gyudon - the chopped okra pieces retain a toothsome bite to them while the trinity of rice, beef and sliced onion comes topped with katsuobushi (dried smoked tuna) shavings.
Sukiya is a household name in Japan; the country's #1 Gyudon Brand with 1,981 restaurants. The first Sukiya in Malaysia opened in Nov 2012 and continues to grow from strength-to-strength.
If you feel famished before your order arrives, the Seafood Tofu (RM4) is a nice light snack to munch on.
Non-beef eaters will find viable choices available in the form of chicken rice bowls. We recommend the Veggies Chicken Curry (RM8.90-M/RM10.90-L) - a hearty plate of rice laden with aromatic Japanese-style curry chicken and steamed vegetables on the side. The gravy is better than expected; its zingy spice flavours gently tingling our palate.
Kids and finicky teens may prefer the Teriyaki Chicken Mayo Rice (RM9.90-M/RM11.90-L) as the tender grilled chicken cutlet and rice come adorned with lashings of creamy Japanese mayo and a half-boiled egg to boot.
Still, health-conscious adults would be relieved to know there's Veggies Teriyaki Chicken Rice (RM7.90-M/RM9.90-L) available. This rice bowl includes a portion of steamed vegetables (okra, cauliflower and carrot) minus the mayo. Make it a complete meal with an additional side dish and a cold drink for only RM3-RM5. Take your pick from pickled veges, fresh salad, edamame (Japanese soya beans) or seaweed salad.
Teishoku (set meal) helps to stretch your budget further as it includes salad, soup and drink with your choice of rice meal. Our top pick has to be Kara-Ague Teishoku (RM13.50-M/RM15.90-L) - the Fried Chicken Set Meal. Crispy on the outside and juicily tender inside, the fried chicken pieces are ample enough when accompanied by rice, salad, half boiled egg and miso soup. A cold drink comes with the set too.
No. 6&7, Jalan USJ 10/1H, Taipan Business Centre, Subang Jaya, Selangor
Call tel: 03-80813465 for information & details

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