Thursday, June 25, 2015


Yes, I'm eyeing those AirAsia Free Seats! It would be a dream come true to experience Vivid Sydney with AirAsia X...that much-talked about art, music & creative ideas festival Down Under. That’s why I want to participate with AirAsia Free Seats'd save my hard-earned MYR budgeted for flights so I'd have more pocket money to spend ;))
Vivid Sydney is my absolute Must-Do Festival for 2016. Why? Because Creativity is the juice of every writer’s life. If I win those AirAsia Free Seats, I'd fly to Sydney to experience the wondrous multi-sensorial components of Vivid Sydney. It would be a dream come true to see and admire first-hand the illuminating light sculptures and arty installations created for the event.
Since music is the food of love, I’d love to soak up the tempo and rhythm of Vivid Sydney – literally feeding my heart and soul with the many lively, world-class performances lined up. After all, life's a stage so I want to be swept up by the exhilarating celebration of live performing talents. 

Of course, I would get into the thick of all the action where Vivid Ideas thrive. I know creative minds, innovators and like-minded community of people from around the world converge at Vivid Sydney to share, exchange and inspire one another like birds of a feather flocking together. I want to win those AirAsia Free Seats to make my participation a reality!

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