Thursday, June 25, 2015


Durians – strictly forbidden in hotels – are surprisingly making their pungent presence felt at certain hotels for the breaking of fast buffet. One of the pioneers is Tonka Bean Café at Impiana KLCC and the King of Fruits have proved popular with patrons.

The only snag is you’d have to relish the fruits at the covered patio area, to prevent the strong odour from permeating the entire hotel. Besides durians, seasonal and local tropical fruits such as duku langsat, buah salak, dragonfruit (pitaya), lychees, mangoes, cikus and jackfruit are served.

Available throughout the fasting month from 18 June until 17 July 2015, Tonka Bean’s bazaar concept dinner beckons with over 300 traditional dishes from different regions in Malaysia. The buffet's appeal is further boosted by complimentary Zam Zam water (one glass per diner), and unlimited servings of Baskin Robbins ice cream in several flavours.
Adding to the pot-pourri is whole roast lamb with spice-scented briyani rice. Roast beef carving, whole roast chicken and 'gear box' soup also make a comeback by popular demand.
Since one can only eat so much despite the lavish spread, it pays to be selective with food choices. Some savoury bubur lambuk helps to pave the way to break the day-long fast as the soft, liquidy texture is easy on the tummy.
Local salads such as kerabu and ulam are always ideal, to help fill the essential quota of greens one should partake daily. Delicate slices of cured salmon and unctuous crab meat soup are noteworthy considerations too.
Apart from the ubiquitous Chinese and Indian specialities laid out (think stir-fried beef, buttered prawns and roti canai, some Middle Eastern items such as stuffed pita pockets with grilled chicken can be sampled.

Beat the current sweltering weather and all that heaty food with some fresh coconut juice. Some traditional biscuits: batang buruk, dodol and kuih bahulu or perhaps skewers of fresh fruits and marshmallows dipped in chocolate would ensure a befitting end to dinner.
The Iftar Ramadhan buffet is priced at RM148 per person but diners will enjoy a special price of RM128 per person on the last 3 days of Ramadhan. Melodious renditions by a seven-piece ghazal band will also entertain throughout the dinner period.

For reservations, please call Tonka Bean Café, IMPIANA KLCC, tel: 03-2147 1111 extension 3034, 3035 or 3320.


KY said...

I wanna try putting those salmon into ulam, and tempoyak!

Alice JomMakanLife said...

@KY - salmon probably can work with ulam but tempoyak? That's radical man!

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