Thursday, June 25, 2015


Praise the lard...porcine havens are springing up in town. The latest contender tempting us to pig out is Ticklish Ribs in PJ.
The informal interior is littered with piggy wall murals, tongue-in-cheek graffiti and pendant lights fashioned from woven rattan baskets used for transporting pigs. A poster issues wannabe gluttons to 'Eat Like A Pig' challenge (refer poster below) and those who succeed will be inducted into the outlet's gallery of fame.
Ticklish Ribs' founder TC divulges the secret behind his pork for thought is the Asian inspired sauce for the resto's pork ribs and 'wiches (as he calls them). At his urging, we sampled the Ultimate Tickle (RM38-6 ribs, RM20-3 ribs; add RM8 for sides with a drink) - the signature bbq ribs. It's delivered on a little trolley whizzing down a custom-built ramp amidst flashing lights. Apparently, pigs can 'fly' here!
Marinated in a secret blend of briny-sweetish-tart sauce, the ribs had that slightly charred crispness on outside before yielding to moist, tender meat underneath. Although the assertively tangy marinade helped to temper the porky richness, I prefer more 'bite' to the meat. In this instance, TR's soft ribs result from pre-boiling the pork before it hits the grill.

You have a choice of spicy or 'not really'...most of us prefer the latter. Try both before you decide which suits your palate best. Carb fans would be happy to know some options are available to appease them.
Oodles of Noodles (RM12) basically is a simpler, tweaked version of spaghetti bolognese. The al dente pasta topped with roughly minced pork cooked in the same house sauce is nothing fancy but should be adequate enough to please unfussy eaters.
We prefer Rice Vice (RM12) - a bare-frills katsudon of sorts. The meaty sauce doused over the rice has wisps of egg and caramelised onion in it whilst some pork crackling and fried pork cutlet lent textural finish. A decent take on homespun comfort food.
Hearty eaters may want to boost their meal with sides orders known as Koochi Koos range from OMGarlic (deep-fried, lightly salted fried garlic RM5) to Zzzalad (RM5) and Sloppy Freaky Fries (French fries smothered with cheesy sauce and mince pork sauce, RM8). Messy to eat but addictive.
I'm a big sandwich fan but I'm not psycho enough to attempt the Psycho Sandwich (RM80) which is piled with seven types of meat cuts in white, wholemeal or charcoal bread. You'd be tickled pink with sinful fillings such as You Braise Me Up (braised fatty streaky loin RM16), Pull Your Leg (slow-cooked and shredded pork RM16), Ssshock Sendiri (battered lean pork in signature sauce RM15), Hoilam Ting (Hainanese pork chop RM15) and Lazy Bones (stripped rib meat RM22).
Keen to go the whole hog? Trot over to TICKLISH RIBS & 'WICHES, No. 5, Ground Floor, Jalan 21/11A, SEA Park, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Tel: 016 228 8419

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